David Guy Digital standard terms & conditions of trading

1) In the following paragraphs the company shall mean (David Guy Digital ) and the customer shall mean any person, company or organisation that places an order on the company for the supply of materials and/or services. All orders received by the company for the supply of goods and/or services will be subject to the following conditions that will form the basis of the contract between the company and the customer. Any additional conditions required by the customer must be agreed in writing with and by the company which shall reserve the right to decline to accept them if they be inconsistent with the conditions as set out herein.

2) Except where bulk-rate prices have been negotiated between the company and the customer, the company will assess each job and estimate for the work considered to provide the best quality reception of signals in the prevailing reception conditions. A further assessment will be made on completion of the work and further recommendations made where appropriate.

3) Equitable and beneficial ownership of the goods supplied shall remain with the company until full payment has been received.

4) By accepting the supply of goods and services the customer gives the right of access to the company to enter upon the property for the sole purposes of carrying out the work ordered. The customer further gives irrevocable right of access to the company to remove such goods should the company in accordance with the stated trading terms not receive payment. Where the property is not owned by the customer it is the responsibility of the customer to obtain such permission from the owner and the customer warrants that such permission has been obtained. Furthermore it is the responsibility of the customer to obtain planning permission, should this be required and the company accepts no responsibility for the cost of removal or re-sighting of any equipment if this permission has not been obtained.

5) The company undertakes to make good any damage caused to the property by the execution of the work under this order, providing the company is notified of such damage within a reasonable time and given reasonable opportunity to inspect damage prior to repairs being carried out. However, this does not cover damage caused to brickwork, facia boards and/or chimney pots etc. where the fixing position is in a poor or weak condition prior to installation. The company shall be under no obligation for such damage unless this condition is strictly observed.

6) The company undertakes to maintain insurance cover against public liability for an amount of not less than £2,000,000.

7) The company reserves the right to decline to carry out work, which in its sole judgement is considered unsafe.

8) The company guarantees the work carried out against poor workmanship or faulty materials only, for a period of twelve months from date of installation or invoice. The company cannot guarantee the quality of reception as it is dependent on factors outside its control, i.e. fluctuations of signals caused by movement or growth of trees in line of sight, gasholders, cranes, buildings being erected in the vicinity etc, or by interference of any kind caused by radio hams, citizen band radios, emergency service radios, mobile phones, mobile phone masts, aircraft or aircraft radar or any foreign signals other than that broadcast by the BBC or ITC. However, every effort will be made by the company to ensure that the reception obtained is as good as the prevailing local factors allow and within the customer's price budget.

9) The company does not guarantee against damage to equipment caused by winds in excess of 100kph (62mph), power surges, lightning strikes, fire, flood or vandalism. Any call-back which may arise from the tuning of TV sets, DVD/VCR recorders, set top boxes or any device that can be rectified by pressing of a customers accessible controls, are not covered. Any parts not replaced whether incorporated into the new system or not, any parts not fitted by the company, any parts fitted against the installation engineers advice or parts altered adjusted and/or tampered with by any other person or third party other than an employee of the company are not covered. The repair, replacement or rectification of any such fault will be at the sole discretion of the attending service engineer.

10) The company draws to the attention of the customer the following recommendations of the BBC regarding the installation of UHF TV and VHF aerials in lofts. "The television and radio transmitter networks have been carefully planned to make the best of the frequencies available. The plan assumed that a good quality aerial mounted OUTSIDE will be used for television or VHF radio in the home. Loft mounted aerials may sometimes be suitable for VHF radio, but are never recommended for television." In all cases the fitting of an aerial in a loft will adversely affect the quality of reception obtained. The company cannot guarantee the results from an aerial so sited.

11) In general the company will direct aerials towards the transmitter designated by the BBC or ITC to serve the area in which the property is situated. Where the customer specifically requests reception from an out of area transmitter, or where the general signal conditions in which the property is situated are unobtainable or unsatisfactory, the company reserves the right to make a service charge at the current hourly labour rate for its time and efforts in trying.

12) The company reserves the right to make a service charge for inconvenience caused and travel time wasted by a customer, for missed or uncancelled appointments when 24 hours notice or more has not been given to inform the company any such problem, regardless of whether the call-out be for installation, servicing repairs or a free quotation, either arranged verbally by telephone or in writing. Cancelled calls on the day of appointment are considered unacceptable and charges will be made.

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